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Air Lift

Air Lift

OCS owned Airlift consists of flanged strings of 10” Pipe fitted with 2 x 2” Water Jet lines and 1 x

2” Compressed air line for Air lifting.

This string is complemented by a Jetting pump

producing 1475gpm @ 1480 rpm, a Feeding pump producing 7000 gpm @ 1480 rpm and a

900 cfm x 300 psi compressor. Ancillary hoses, flange bolts and other connection fittings

are also provided.

The Jetting/Airlifting string is static during remedial operations. The system relies on high

pressure water through nozzles located in the Jetting head to break up the formation and an

Airlift to remove formation materials.

long reach (25m) stick configurations to suit to the worksite conditions.


The Air lift is associated with the services as per below


Air lift Data Sheet Download