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Offshore Construction Specialists Pte Ltd, invites applications from suitably qualified individuals for the following positions:


a) Internal interface include Engineering, Project Management Team and Operation. External interface is primarily with Suppliers.

b) Responsible for expediting activities with Vendors.

c) Proactively engage with the vendor to determine and verify that manufacturer progress achieved is validated with the percentage of progress reported.

d) Expedite Vendor documents required in the Purchase Order. Identify any areas of concern that would impact the timely delivery of order.

e) Perform RFQ process.

f) Review requisitions to verify accuracy.

g) Issue RFQ to vendors and secure compliant offers.

h) Liaise with Engineering or Requisitioner, if required to ensure that all technical requirement are met.

i) Coordinate the vendor clarification process.

j) Participate in commercial negotiation with vendor and perform commercial evaluation.

k) Place PO with selected vendor provides on-going purchase order administration including PO revisions, resolution of discrepancies etc as required during the life time of the order.

l) Efficient and effective expediting to ensure delivery of high quality equipment and materials, associated document within schedule within the parameters of and in compliance.

m) To be achieved by but not limited to the following activities:

  • Expediting all equipment, materials and vendor documentation against the procurement plan and other deliverables.
  • Expediting documentation of vendors from OCS back to Vendor.
  • Monitoring Vendors performance to ensure that equipment, material and documentation is of required quality and highlight issues that may arise in priorities, workload, competence, schedule, ETA’s.
  • Ensure that Vendor is ready prior to any scheduling of FAT’s.


  • Relevant Diploma or higher
  • Willing to travel or posting overseas.
  • Possess Class 3 driving license
  • Experience in Oil and Gas projects preferred but not a must



  • Perform audit planning, design audit strategy, and perform audit work independently.
  • Prepare financial report on monthly, quarterly, Bi-annually, annually basis to the management.
  • Analyze financial statements and cash flow statements for management.
  • Perform Bank Reconciliation.
  • Manage Cash Flow and compile Petty Cash book.


  • Minimum qualification Diploma holder.
  • Experience in Oil and gas industry not required.
  • Experience in using MOSES software.


This position will entail travelling within the region and assignments on marine construction barges offshore during installation works.


  • Directly responsible on all engineering, planning, loadout, materials and all other technical services essential to support the construction and installation activities at the offshore worksite.
  • Ensure that the details included in the installation procedures are fully understood and properly applied by construction personnel and that all project preparation is in order.
  • Co-ordinate and request from the construction Superintendent or barge Foreman any resources required by his subordinates.
  • Review project planning with a view to improve on the completion date, if possible during implementation.
  • He shall at all times know the current progress of the project with respect to planning and should be able to give details of why project ahead/behind schedule at all times.


    • Possess a dynamic and outgoing character that can communicate with all working levels.
    • Willing to travel or posting overseas.
    • Willing to work on site.
    • Must have a recognized Civil or Mechanical Engineering degree.
    • Salary to commensurate with experience.


  • Minimum qualification Diploma holder.
  • Competence in 3D AUTOCad drafting is essential.


  • Experience in servicing Detroit Diesel engines.
  • Experience in servicing pumps (2 stage centrifugal, High Volume > 2500 gpm).

Interested applicants can apply by email to