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After Cooler Specification

Air Handling Capacity3000CFM/ 85Nm3/min (Continuous Flow)
Maximum Working Pressure30Bar / 3.0MPa
Aftercooler PerformanceReduction of Temperature from 80.C to 40.C
Power Requirements220VAC, 50Hz
Inlet / Outlet Flange Size6″, 300#, RF Flange
Air Handling Hoses2″, 600psi, MNPT Threaded
Skid Framing3100 x 1700 x 2500mm x 3MT
No of Units2

The aftercooler is attached between the compressor manifold and the regen dryer.

The primary function is to:
– Remove heat from the air content
– Remove oil content from the air moisture

The oil/water separator is made up of EX proof pressure vessel with carbon 3-5mm granules and lows continuous air to flow through it. It removes the oily moisture content in the air and purges the water out from beneath via a 1/2″ piping. Purging time is time controlled via a timer solenoid valve every 10 minutes.