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OCS with its extensive experience and knowledge in offshore construction management, engineering and equipment is a natural fit for offshore decommissioning.

OCS has carried out FEED studies for a few of the decommissioning projects

  • B6/27 Nangnuan Offshore Asset Decommission ( PTTEP, Thailand)
  • KPS Rationalisation –KMT Decommissioning (Oil Search, Papua New Guinea)

In addition to engineering, OCS has developed/ developing new equipment and systems for the decommissioning activities complementing the extensive existing OCS Equipment inventory:

  • High Performance Pumps for Pipeline Flushing of Hydrocarbon
  • Pile Soil Plug removal.
  • Internal Cutting Equipment of Piles, Conductors and Jacket Legs.
  • External Cutting of Piles, Conductors, Jacket Legs and Braces.
  • Removal of Piles and Conductors using internal  subsea rated ILT’s

Unlike the equipment rental companies or engineering only companies, OCS intends to be the ‘go to’ decommissioning contractor since it is able to offer the full package of Engineering, Construction Management and equipment for the whole scope.