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Grout Pump



Spans are corrected by placing grout bags underneath the pipeline and filling them with liquid cement or grout. Excessive Spans have to be corrected prior to pipeline pre-commissioning (flooding) so it is often advantageous to combine free span correction and pipeline pre-commissioning contracts. To achieve this, clients will need the equipments which OCS owns.

OCS owned complete free span correction equipments spread have proven successes for our existing clients time and time again.

OCS has the expertise, key personnel and equipment to provide single source, cost effective, trenching and burial for marine pipeline. OCS owns all the key elements of the pipeline free span correction equipment spread. The equipment can be mobilized at a relatively short notice onto an OCS barge or a 3rd party barge provided by the customer

The Free span correction equipment spread consists of the following equipments;

  1. Grout pump
  2. Silo tank
  3. Hopper tank
  4. Turntable
  5. Grouting spooler

The Grout pump is associated with the services as per below


Grout Pump Data Sheet Download