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OCS owns Internal High Pressure Water Abrasive Suspension Cutter for cutting of piles, conductors and jacket legs. The core components of the system are:
  • 1. High pressure pump (HPP)
  • 2. Abrasive mixing unit (AMU) 2500-100MK2 (Self-Upend)
  • 3. Cutting heads
    • i) Downhole Cutting Head 3 MK3 (DCH3 MK3) (Pipe/Pile application range: 30” – 72”)
    • ii) Pile Cutting Head MK2 (PCH MK2) (Pipe/Pile application range: 16” – 36”)
  • 4. Control Cabin with 3S Cut Verification System
  • 5. Umbilical Spooler
A high pressure pump feeds water into a mixing unit, in which abrasive added to the high pressure water and this Water Abrasive Suspension is fed to the cutting nozzle, where the potential energy of pressure is converted to speed. This cutting process also known as cold cutting which is performed without any noteworthy impacts or temperature increase in the material to be cut and thus represents a safe cutting method in hazardous environments.
The cutting spread is equipped with a 3S Cut Verification System which provides real time monitoring and full control of internal cuts of multistring casing or piles performed by the cutting head to verify the cutting quality, parameters and result.
Internal High Pressure Water Abrasive Suspension Cutter Spread Data Sheet Download