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Korchagin Topside installation

The Korchagin Oil Field is located in the shallow region on the Northern territory of the Caspian Sea in the Russian sector. The distance from the  offshore site to the port of Astrakhan is 185 km. Korchagin Field is operated by LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhsk. The water depth at the location is  approximately 12m.

Caspian Hydro Technologies (CHT), a company incorporated in Russian was awarded the Korchagin Project by LUKOIL. OCS in turn was awarded the  Transportation and Installation Engineering, Substructure Installation and Topside Floatover construction management subcontract by Caspian Hydra  Technologies for the Korchagin Project.

The Korchagin Development comprises of:

a)1 x Ice Resistance Fixed Substructure

b)1 x Topsides

The Korchagin substructure was a “Monopod” construction with 8ea x 84” Dia piles and was installed during the spring of 2017.


The Substructure installation was completed in 3rd quarter 2017. The substructure was lifted, set down and ballasted for stability by the shear leg  floating crane “Volgar”, thereafter, another crane barge “Qurban Abasov” was mobilized to installed the piles and prepare for the topside  installation.

The Topside was installed using the skidding and Floatover method from the side of the floatover barge and was completed in April 2018.

The topside weight is 2800mt. The topside was loaded onto its own Deck Support Frame for transport. Load out operation was the responsibility of  fabricator and transportation from fabrication yard to site was arranged by CHT.

The floatover barge used, the T-Barge “Yuri Kuvykin” based in Astrakhan was provided by Lukoil, The floatover barge was rigged up with floatover  support equipment in Astrakhan prior to Topside loadout.