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Project-Kris Energy

Kris Energy

Project Cambodia Apsara Block A Project
Kris Energy
2019 - 2020

OCS scope included the

  • Conceptualisation and detailed design of the platform (jacket and topside)
  • Installation Engineering of the platform
  • Process, Piping and electrical design of the platform
  • Process, Piping and Electrical design of the FPU (Ingenium II)

MPF Platform Details:

  • Four legged jacket with 1/10 double apparent batter at all legs.
  • 4 Bays Jacket with 9.0m x 9m deck leg spacing
  • Pile installed through the legs of the jacket and have outer diameter 812.8 mm (32 in).
  • Water Depth = 72.4 m
  • Design for 50 Years RP
  • Jacket lift weight = 621 MT and installed using dual block upending method
  • Topside lifted weight = 308 MT and installed using 4-point lift.
  • Power supplied from FPU with designed two (2) Switchgear 6.6 kV and 480 V complete with the Transformer
  • Piping Manifold system from production wells and directly export to FPU for processing
  • Chemical Injection System such as Pour-Point Depressants and Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Draining System with Disposal Caisson
  • Safe Venting System to manually controlled and monitored from the Well Head Venting.

FPU Details:

  • Unit Name : Ingenium II            
  • Oil Production : 15,000 BOPD
  • Gas Production : 2.5 MMscfd
  • Water Production : 20,000 BWPD
  • Process System : Separation System, Interstage Heater, Oil Export Pump, Fuel Gas system,  Produced Water Treatment Package, Heating Medium System, Diesel Flushing System, flare Gas System, Open and Closed Drain System (Slop Tank)
  • Power Supplied : Three (3) Dual Fuel Generator, each 1.8 MW, 6.6 kV.