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Project-Origin Energy – Yolla Mid Life Enhancement (MLE) Project

Origin Energy – Yolla Mid Life Enhancement (MLE) Project

Project Origin Energy – Yolla Mid Life Enhancement (MLE) Project

Mobilisation of Go Rigel in Singapore

Working with Origin Energy, OCS provided the following work scope:

  • In conjunction with WorleyParsons (FEED contractor), develop detail engineering procedures & design of installation aids (bumpers, guides, etc) for the lifting and installation of accommodation, compression & condensate modules
  • Check the engineering & supervise the loading & unloading of the accommodation, compression & condensate modules (onto and from the transport vessels)
  • Supervise all heavy lifting & positioning operations offshore for the modules & grillage installation
  • Check the suitability of various port in Australia/Tasmania for loading & unloading the modules onto the AHT
  • Engineer, procure & fabricate the grillage and seafastening for all the modules
  • Mobilisation of the Jascon 25 (Project Heavy Lift Vessel), Go Rigel (Project Supply Vessel), Labroy 256 (Project Material Barge)
  • Provide Weather Management Plan which clearly states the required secure operation time for site abandonment decision making
  • Perform feasibility study for the use of RAR (Rig Anchor Release) as a quick anchor release mechanism
  • Specify and assist in securing the necessary marine vessel
  • Optimise the use of all the required marine vessels and any required onshore support bases for the transport & installation scope, including the selection of Heavy Lift Vessel.

Rigup of Jascon 25 in Dry Dock World in Singapore

Loadout of the Accommodation Module by the Jascon 25 in New Plymouth, New Zealand