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Pile Handling

Pile Handling

Pile Handling

Every offshore platform needs secure foundations and OCS has significant experience in pile handling tools for various offshore projects with a series of tools that ease deployment of tubular piles ranging from small to large-diameter, and from short to single long pile (ie. 143m single long pile).

Depend on each pile characteristic and available barge/vessel and as well crane hook capacity, OCS will offer the best design, fabrication and installation method to suit the project and lowering offshore time as possible. While OCS has been dealing a lot with multiple pile handling projects using other pile handling equipment, OCS itself offers reliable In-House Pile handling system.

Our In-House Internal Lifting Tool (ILT) would be the perfect choice to handle upending pile operation for pile OD ranging from 30” to 54” with working load limit of 500MT (vertical lift) and 120MT (horizontal lift).

Apart from ILT, OCS also offer In-House Pile Upending Clamp (PUC) with 500MT gripping force that can be deployed during offshore pile handling, especially for special case where the crane available hook height is not high enough to lift pile vertically.

For project specific constrain where common pile handling equipment is not able to handle, hence OCS offers a unique pile handling system that not only deliver fast installation progress but also less fabrication/rent cost.

  • Combination of fabricated Rocker Arm + Pelican Hook + Chain Stopper System for 84” Pile OD (300MT SWL) for Korchagin Project (Russia)
  • Combination of fabricated Pile Launch Support and Rocker Arm System for 84” pile OD, 143m length for Zawtika Project (Myanmar)

For further detail on OCS Pile Handling System please download in this link.