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Pipeline Buoyancy

Pipeline Buoyancy


OCS designs and fabricates bespoke buoyancy modules designed to reduce the on-bottom weight of pipelines during the beachpull activities associated with pipeline shore approaches.

Buoyancy modules are specifically designed with a saddle conforming to the outside diameter of the pipeline with handling aids to aid in diverless deployment and recovery.  

OCS buoyancy modules are cost effective to supply and do not suffer the common issues of water ingress at depth or breaking up in bad weather or during removal  often associated with temporary pipe-pull buoyancy.

Feature of OCS buoyancy module design:

  • Low water absorption
  • Abrasion and impact resistance
  • Marine growth resistance
  • High-visibility

To meet client requirements, the OCS engineering team will calculate the specific buoyancy  depending on the project specification (such as pipe diameter, length and submerged weight,  pulling winch capacity, seabed conditions etc).

Module fabrication is by our specialist technicians and are tested before delivery to the client to ensure conformance to project requirements.

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