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Pipeline Pre comissioning



OCS capabilities cover the full spectrum of pipeline pre-commissioning activities encompassing flooding and gauging, hydrotesting, dewatering, drying and nitrogen packing of offshore and onshore pipelines. 

OCS has significant experience in the construction of offshore pipelines and understands the principle drivers for the main pipelay contractor on a lump sum contract where efficient and well planned pipeline pre-commissioning is critical to overall success. We are not just a service company and we work proactively to ensure both parties win to the maximum extent possible.

Our Construction managers, engineers and technicians are for the most part in-house employees of OCS and are experienced and well trained.

Our activities are supported by a robust suite of In-house equipment and we are continually adding to our inventory with equipment capability covering a wide range of high volume / pressure flooding pumps, hydrotesting pumps, dewatering compressors and dryers complemented by a full range of calibrated instrumentation.

OCS operates in-house Singlas certified testing laboratory facilities in Singapore and well equipped maintenance workshops in both Singapore and Batam ensure equipment is properly maintained and serviced as required.

Precom_C - Instruments

OCS has completed a range of pre-commissioning projects for many different customers in Asia Pacific with great success. OCS has been certified by National  Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for Pipeline Hydrotesting since 2013 and has obtained accreditation under the Singapore Accreditation Council Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS) as an Instrument Calibration and Testing Laboratory. OCS organization as a whole has also been qualified to ISO 9001 since 2009.

OCS continues to invest in new equipment. Most recently the company has completed the fabrication of 4 units of 5-stage skid mounted centrifugal pumps with an output of 2000 gallons per minute at a discharge pressure of 600 psi for pipeline flooding and gauging. The pump skid fluid ends are constructed from solid stainless steel material providing operating longevity and can also be joined in a series configuration to generate up to 1200 psi discharge pressure. These pumps are ideal for flooding of long pipelines and are also employed in the OCS pipeline trenching business.

Our workshops have the facilities to ensure our equipment can be well serviced and maintained to high standards with a dedicated instrument room where all calibrated instruments are stored and maintained.

OCS partners with reputable Intelligent Pig suppliers and has established long term relationships with key Singapore and overseas vendors to complement our mainstream pipeline pre-commissioning service.

Specific pipeline pre-commissioning activities undertaken by OCS:

  1. Flooding, Cleaning, Gauging
  2. Intelligent Pigging / Baseline Inspection
  3. Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  4. Dewatering / Swabbing
  5. Air Drying
  6. Vacuum Drying
  7. Nitrogen Purging and Packing

In summary OCS provides a cradle to grave pipeline pre-commissioning capability with a full range of engineering, procurement, fabrication and execution services supported by an extensive inventory of in-house equipment and by well trained in-house personnel.

Pipeline Pre-commissioning Pre-Qualification Document: Download