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Pipeline Stinger Design

Pipeline Stinger Design


OCS has a lot of experience in the offshore execution and installation engineering for Pipelay. This experience combined with the structural and naval architectural design experience have been used to design bespoke stingers for different clients based on the requirement. The design includes the luffing system and A Frame design as well

OCS has designed fully fixed stinger (PL-1 Barge) and fixed and floating stinger for Nand Gaurav Barge, Essar Offshore and Armada KP-1.

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PL1- stinger

  • Type : Fixed with pennants to change the stinger angle
  • Length: 35m
  • Usage: Shallow water and lower diameter pipeline

Nand Gaurav- stinger

  • Type : Fixed – Floating with adjustable pennant wires
  • Length: 50m +15m
  • Usage: Upto 36 inch

Armada KP1- stinger

  • Type : Fixed – Floating with winch luffing system
  • Length: 50m +15m
  • Usage: Upto 60 inch