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OCS has extensive experience with all aspects of Topside Floatover methodology including Engineering, Planning, Floatover Barge barge rig up, Loadout and Offshore Floatover execution making the company an ideal selection choice when the provision of turnkey floatover services is under consideration.

OCS was contracted to perform the Engineering and Construction management for 3 topside Floatovers in the Caspian Sea. The offshore execution were performed in 2017 with the 7250 tonne Filanovsky LSP-2 topsides installed in April 2017 and the LQP II installed in July 2017.

OCS engineering and Installation Procedures were reviewed and approved by leading London based marine warranty companies and insurance underwriters.


OCS personnel have extensive experience in all facets of the Floatover design and execution. Apart from the projects listed above OCS Personnel have specific project experience on many other floatover projects a few of which are listed below.

OCS Personnel were also involved with the original concept and the actual modification of the McDermott launch barge Intermac 650 to a duel purpose Launch and Floatover barge.

ARTHIT FLOATOVER: Modification of Intermac 650 for Float-over operations and Float-over of an 18,000mT topside structure.

SUTUVANG FLOATOVER: Float-over operation of 16,500 CPP topside structure.

MALAMPAYA FLOATOVER: Float-over operation of 11,000 CPP topside onto a gravity based structure.

Floatovers Pre-Qualification Document: Download