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Office and Workshop facilities

Singapore Office and Workshop facilities


OCS purchased an office and work shop building in the Pioneer District in Singapore in 2015 and have extensively upgraded it with office facilities for our engineering staff, machine shop and general fabrication and maintenance facilities. The overall size of the property is 12740 sq ft , with 7760 sq ft of office space and 5035 sq ft of work shop. These premises serve as a base for OCS Construction management and Engineering team. The premises also provides a large instrument room for the servicing and calibration of all OCS monitoring equipment with Singlass certification.

The work shop is equipped with 2 and 5 tonne overhead gantry cranes and a 3 and 15 tonne forklift. The premises provide the space and general servicing facilities for the preparation of all OCS equipment ensuring that equipment is properly prepared for OCS projects. A pump testing facility is included to provide proper flow and pressure testing for OCS pumps. The work shop is also equipped with machining equipment including a large lathe, rotary drill and universal milling machine.

The work shop is ideal for specialized welding, fabrication and testing works.  In these cases equipment has been designed, engineered, procured and fabricated all by OCS with in-house engineers supervising the fabrication.

Future plan is to build a load bearing carport that can be used to service our OCS owned equipments

This construction management, engineering and workshop facility will be the engine driving OCS future growth.

Additional information on the fabrication packages is available in the prequalification document , click here