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VietSovPetro (VSP) – Dai Hung 2 Jacket Launch

VietSovPetro (VSP) – Dai Hung 2 Jacket Launch

Project VietSovPetro (VSP) – Dai Hung 2 Jacket Launch
Asian Energy Services Pte Ltd

DH2 jacket being loaded out

OCS was subcontracted through Asian Energy (main engineering contractor and PMT) for VietSovPetro (VSP) for the preparation, rig up and execution of the Dai Hung 2 jacket launch.

The jacket weighed 4100mT was loaded and launch off the launch barge VSP 05.

VSP 05 is owned by VSP.

OCS provided consultancy for launch engineering, procedure preparation, physical barge rig up and site supervision and management of the launch operation, while Asian Energy performed the launch and transportation engineering. All physical materials were provided by VSP with recommendation from OCS during rig up.

Jacket was launched on 10th May 2011.

DH2 jacket launched coming off launch barge VSP05