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Woma Pump

WOMA 2502 P40 PUMP

WOMA 2502 P40 PUMP

OCS owned Woma pump is a DNV skid mounted pumping unit, which is used for hydro static testing of subsea pipelines. Woma pump is a high pressure pump with a maximum operating pressure of 7000psi (500bar). This pump is a normally used for hydrostatic testing of long and larger diameter pipelines where high volumetric flow rate is required.

The power train used for this pump skids is a Johndeere Powertech 8.1L 6081 OEM diesel engine. This engine is a 4 cycle engine with in-line application. It has 6 cylinder engine with 8.1L (494 cubic inches) displacement producing 100BHP (75kW) @1000 RPM and upto 225 BHP (168kW)@2200RPM. In order to prevent overstressing the engine is usually run at approximately 1600RPM. The fuel consumption rate varies from 6 USG/hr @1000 RPM to 19.2 USG/hr @ 2200 RPM.

The fluid end used in this pumping unit is WOMA 2502 P40 pump. This pump is positive displacement pump with a maximum volumetric flow rate of 130 lit/min @ 504rpm. This pump is also ideal for cleaning pipes, tube bundles, sewer lines, tanks and containers.

The Woma Pumps is associated with the services as per below

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