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Marine Construction Management

Marine Construction Management

The onshore and marine construction management capability is what sets OCS apart from other independent engineering companies servicing the industry. All OCS key personnel joined the company after long careers with McDermott during a period where that company was the leading player in the industry in Asia Pacific. The execution of hard money projects involving every facet of marine construction on a continual basis over many years has given our personnel experience that in the current market is very difficult to replicate. The training regime this provides to OCS younger personnel is invaluable and has led to a company culture where delivery of our service in accordance with customer requirements is of critical importance and where the OCS knowledge base enables new projects to be executed while keeping unnecessary mistakes to a minimum.

This construction management experience has underpinned both our engineering group who provide a solid analysis base to our project teams and our strategic equipment group who execute niche subcontract work associated both with OCS marine construction projects and with standalone projects managed by third parties.

The addition of our versatile  utility barge to our already extensive inventory of strategic support equipment has provided OCS with another tool which can be leveraged by our marine construction and engineering capability.

OCS key equipment technicians are also career employees trained to operate all OCS equipment who interface directly with our management and engineering teams.  This provides continuity and  clear communication lines  and ensures what is designed and developed in the office is translated to the field without misunderstandings. OCS always aims to fill the gaps that often exist between design engineering and operational constructability.

The overall group organisation chart is here.

The main areas of OCS expertise are summarised below although clients seeking innovative solutions to difficult problems should not hesitate to contact us as our main strength is our adaptability in the engineerng of unique solutions:
  • Installation of piled platforms to Water depths exceeding 500 ft incorporating both drilled and driven pile foundations.
  • Topsides installation by lift and floatover
  • Rigid pipelines installation upto 48” in diameter
  • Flexible Flowlines, Umbilicals and Power Cables
  • Subsea Manifolds and Templates
  • Land and Pipelay barge based  pipe pulls and shore approach work of all types
  • Risers ( standalone and stalk-on) and subsea tie in installations
  • FPSO mooring installations
  • Module additions to Brown field platforms
  • Platform Jacking Operations
  • Pipeline Hot Taps
  • Pipelay barge conversions and stinger designs.
  • “Build to Operations” manuals for new vessels.
  • Weather management plans and procedures.
  • Marine Construction Estimating for projects of all kinds including subsea, deepwater and more conventional shallow water developments.
  • OCS Utility Barge Operations.
  • Pipeline Pre-commissioning (OCS Subcontract Service)
  • Pipeline Free Span Corrections (OCS Subcontract Service)
  • Pre Trenching, Pipeline Shore Approaches and Post Trenching (OCS Subcontract Service)
  • Pile Remediation (OCS Subcontract Service)
  • Flexible Lay (OCS Subcontract Services)

Marine Construction Management – Pre Qualification Document – Download