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PU Foam Pump

OCS owns 2 units of PU Foam Pump, a high pressure foaming machine used for the manufacture of polyurethane rigid, semi-rigid, soft foam such as insulation pipes, cold storage, thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc. The equipment has the advantage of high pressure mixing, precision proportion etc.

This foam pump has the technical characteristics such as high pressure collision stirring, dedicated insulation pipes for foaming, hybrid adjustable range, automatic feeding, self-cleaning mixing head etc. This pump integrated with control panel for fully controlling in pump function for chemical filling, mixing and injection during fabrication.

With this PU Foam Pump capability, OCS able to provide the service for Foam Buoy fabrication to suit the client requirements which mainly used for pipeline beachpull scope. The main feature of foam buoy is to reduce the tension for tension winch during pipeline installation and reduce weight of underwater pipeline for Pipeline Shore Approaches.

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