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Utility Barge and Multicat Support Tug


OCS utility barge OCS UB 01 “Miss Pennie” is of dimensions 160 ft x 45 ft x 10 ft and is conceived, constructed and operated by OCS. The barge is based in Batam, Indonesia and is designed to support shallow water projects of all descriptions.   The barge is accompanied by a multicat tug for anchor handling operations and general support.  OCS has purchased two long boom Cat 390 excavators for pre-trenching and the barge has in-built mooring winches and spuds required to support pre-trenching, post trenching, small pipelay and other  strategic marine operations.  The barge spread includes a fully commissioned air diving system,  barge and tug management survey systems and a robust work boat.

A summary of Key features of the Utility Barge Marine Spread:

  • Shallow draft of 1.2 to 1.3m with thicker keel plate of 16mm for grounding where operations dictate.
  • Overall layout of the barge with in-built piping system and below deck mooring system conserves deck space during marine operations.
  • Power generation system with two (2) units of 300 kVa and emergency 25kVa generators and fully integrated switchboard.
  • 90 tone Crawler crane.
  • Equipped with lifting padeyes for transport by heavy lift vessel
  • Equipped with 3 units 18.0 metre independently driven Spuds for Shallow water Pre-trenching (to water depths of approximately 13 metres).  
  • Centrally controlled (with manual override) 8 point below deck mooring system (10 ton air driven winches c/w compressors and 2 x 22 m3 air receivers) and 1.5 tonne delta flipper anchors.
  • 90 tone Crawler crane.
  • In-house DGPS Barge and Tug Management Survey system.
  • Diving work boat
  • Knuckle Boom utility crane
  • Designed to support pre-trenching, post trenching, small pipelay and other marine construction operations such as pipeline pre-commissioning, free span corrections and general marine intervention work. Can fulfil multiple functions saving the possible need for additional mobilisation of additional expensive marine support vessels.
  • 2 units Cat 390 long boom excavators with 2.0 m3 buckets to support pre-trenching work
  • 90 tonne long boom excavators provided for pre-trenching support.
  • Can be fitted with OCS Trailing arm for pre and post trenching in water depths to 30 metres (unique feature).
  • 60 tonne removable stern A-frame.
  • Tug support provided from an in-house multi-cat shallow anchor handling tug.
  • Barge is strengthened to accommodate a crawler crane up to 200 tonne capacity in special circumstances
  • In-house Air Diving system.

Utility Barge and MultiCat Technical and Project Information: Download 

UB01 & Multicat Presentation

Excavator Specification:  Download