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Water Distribution System

Water Distribution System


1. General

OCS operates water distribution systems designed to supply high volumes of pressurized water to service OCS strategic equipment applications such as:

  1. Pipeline Flooding, Cleaning and Gauging (FCG)
  2. Pipeline Post Trenching.
  3. Pile Remediation using high pressure water Jetting and air lifting.

All these applications share a common need for high volumes of pressurized water.

2. Key Components of OCS Water Distribution Systems.

Key components of OCS water distributions are as follow:

  1. Water Winning pumps
  2. Water Distribution Manifold
  3. High Pressure / Volumes Pumps
Picture 1

3. Water Winning Pumps

OCS Inventory includes the following Water Winning Pumps

  1. Diesel Driven (GM 8V92) SLOW Centrifugal pump (Skid Mounted): 1 unit. This suction lift rated pump delivering 7000 US gallon per minute at 35 psi.
  2. Toyo Submersible Dredge Pumps (DP-100BL):2 units. The built-in mechanical agitator makes this pump is suitable for dredging operation. The mechanical agitator moves the solid from rest, whips it into dense slurry and directs a highly concentrated and continuous flow of material into the impeller and then pump out. The pump can effectively handles solid up to 100 mm dia., head and depth of 30 meters. The rated pump delivering 3100 US gallon per minute at 27 psi
  3. Submersible Sewage Pump (400QWB 1600-10-75) – Chinese Mark One: 3 units. This pump is a general sewage pump to transfer water with less solid (volume ratio ≤2%). The rated pump delivering 7000 US gallon per minute with discharge pressure of 15 psi. The submergence maximum depth is 20 m.
  4. Submersible Sand Pump (ZJQ600-33-132) – Chinese Mark Two: 2 Units. This slurry pump specialized for pre-trenching operation which handling solid up to 80 mm dia., and maximum depth of 20 meters.The rated pump delivering 2600 US gallon per minute at 47 psi of discharge pressure

Specifications of OCS Water Winning pumps can be found in the following link.

Diesel Driven SLOW Centrifugal Pump                   Submersible Sewage Pump

Toyo Submersible Dredge Pump                                Submersible Sand Pump

4. Water Distribution Manifold

Water distribution Manifold takes the low pressure feed water from the water winning pumps  direct it to the high pressure / volume pumps and take the returned water and direct it to the specific equipment application whether it be  Pipeline Flooding /  Pigging,  Pipeline Trenching or Pile remediation.

Drawings of water distribution manifolds are provided in the following link.

Water Distribution Manifold

5. High Pressure / Volume Pumps

OCS Inventory includes the following High Pressure / Volume Pumps

  1. Diesel Driven (GM 12V149) 5 stage Union Centrifugal pumps ( Skid Mounted)  delivering 2000 US gallons per minute at 600 psi in parallel or  1200 psi with two pumps connected in Series – 4 units. Union pump is heavy duty centrifugal pump which specialized for FCGand water jetting operation.With the capability of high discharge pressure, it can be utilized in FCG operation of long and small diameter pipeline.
  2. Diesel Driven (GM 12V149) 4 stage Centrifugal pumps (Skid Mounted) delivering 2000 US gallons per minute at 350 psi. – 3 units. 4-stage pump is suitable for the operation required water jetting, which can be utilized also for FCG project.
  3. Diesel Driven (GM 8V92) 3 stage Centrifugal pumps (Skid Mounted) delivering 1200 US gallons per minute at 300 psi. – 5 units. 3-stage pump is normally utilized for FCG and water jetting operation.

Specifications of OCS Pressure / Volume can be found in the following link.

Diesel Driven 5 stage Union Centrifugal Pump

Diesel Driven 4 stage Centrifugal Pump

Diesel Driven 3 stage Centrifugal Pump

6. Rigid Trailing Arm : Miss Pennie Attachment

OCS trailing arm delivers pressurized water to the pre-trenching or post trenching location. The arm is mounted on the portside of the UB-01 “Miss Pennie” and provides a rigid arm servicing water depths up to 30 meters.

Specifications of OCS Trailing Arm can be found in the following link.

Rigid Trailing Arm

7.Hose Spooler and High Pressure Hoses

OCS Hose Spooler house long lengths of high pressure hose. It is equipped with a Chiksan to enable the hose to be spooled in and out while maintaining water flow.  It is an important component in effective hose management in association with water distribution.

Specifications of OCS Hose Spooler can be found in the following link.

Hose Spooler