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OCS Multicat “Miss Bee” has been designed to complement the operations of the Miss Pennie and is designed to handle anchors in shallow water and other general support works such as bunkering or material transferring. The vessel is based in Batam, Indonesia and equipped with twin engines, knuckle boom crane, anchor handling winch and A-frame.
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A summary of Key features of the Multi-Cat Support Tug:
  • 2 units of 380 HP IVEGO Engine, maximum speed 9 knots
  • 1 unit of 150 kVa Generator as main power generation system
  • Operating Draft for Shallow water at 1.5 metres
  • Installed with 15 Ton winch and integrated A-frame at Stern for Anchor Handling operation
  • 360° Rotation Hydraulic Knuckle Boom Crane on deck with working capacity 22 Ton-metres
  • Tug management survey systems for communication and navigation with VHF Radios, GPS, Radar and Magnetic Compass
  • CO2 Fire Fighting system, Water-spray system driven on deck and dry powder extinguisher
  • Dimension 15.85 m Overall length, 7 m beam midship and 2 m depth at midship.
Multicat “Miss Bee”Specification Sheetst Download
Multicat “Miss Bee”Technical and Project Information Download