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Shore Approaches and Pipepull


OCS specialises in Pipeline shore approach Construction Management, Engineering and Offshore Execution including the following generic work elements :

  • Concept development, Engineering and Planning.
  • Equipment rig up and mobilisation.
  • Pre-trenching
  • Hold back anchor installation.
  • Establishment of pull winch and beach pull cable deployment.
  • Pipeline Buoyancy Manufacture, Attachment and Removal.
  • Beachpull operations / Shallow Water Pipelay
  • Backfilling
  • Pipeline Post trenching if required.

OCS Utility barge has been designed specifically for the work elements associated with pipeline shore approaches and can be adapted to pre-trenching, shallow water pipelay, Beachpull support, Backfilling and Post Trenching. Pre-trenching excavators and Post Trenching equipment comes from OCS in-house inventory.

Details of the OCS utility barge are contained in a separate tab on this website. The vessel has been conceptualised, planned, engineered , fabricated and will be operated by OCS. The vessel spread will provide a new dimension to the level of service OCS can provide in relation to Pipeline shore approaches with all critical equipment now provided from in-house resources. Inhouse equipment includes Pre-trenching excavators, Survey Positioning, Air Diving, Beachpull and Pipelay and Post trenching equipment

The OCS utility barge can be configured for different applications within the overall shore approach scope of work:

  1. As a Shallow water Pre-trenching spread, equipped with two (02) Caterpillar 390 excavators with customised long arms and 2m3buckets, a 90T crane for handling spuds and withthree (03) spuds for positioning(including 8 nos 10T mooring winches which can be used where spud operation is a challenge).For smaller pipelines the vessel can be rigged up for shallow water pipelay
  2. For smaller pipelines the vessel can be rigged up for shallow water pipelay
  3. As a Pull barge with project specific Linear pull winch capacity (300T/400T/450T) loaded onto her and used as a support/floating platform where site location/configuration prevent a proper LPW foundation to be set up.
  4. Near shore supporting role – deployment of beach pull wire and trench maintenance prior and during beach pull – excavator/spuds and crane use.
  5. For Back filling using pre-trench excavators.
  6. Post trenching configuration where OCS’s post trenching equipment can be mobilised and swap out with the excavators. The barge has 8-10T mooring winches built in below deck to allow for a mooring system.
  7. For Above Water Tie-in configuration (if necessary with portable A-Frames installed).

All the above operations can be planned in advance when the utility barge is mobilised once for a shore approach project, avoiding the need to separately mobilise additional expensive spreads for the different work scope within a project.

Our equipment is managed and operated by personnel who come from the same background as the main marine contractor.  We help the major marine contractor plan the work such that the shore approach activities have the least impact on critical path operations. We are proactive in highlighting potential issues and ensuring both parties win. OCS understands the importance of getting the job done safely and efficiently to minimise operational costs for all concerned.

Pipeline Shore Approaches Prequalification Document: Download


OCS has undertaken six (6) major shore approach projects for different customers(5 completed and 1 in progress), in addition to numerous projects undertaken when OCS key personnel were working for first tier marine contractors;

  1. SHELL EXPLORATION PTE LTD (SEPL) SBM Bukom Pipeline Rejuvenation Phase II Project (On going)
  2. ESSO Thailand Lrd- Construction, Installation and Precommissioning of 48” Subsea pipeline at Sriracha Refinery in Chonburi, Thailand (completed Oct/2021)
  3. HCML (Husky CNOOC Madura Ltd) BD Project Pre Trench/Shore Approach Beach Pull/Post Trench(June/Aug 2016)
  4. Bukit Tua, Ketapang (Petronas, 2014)near shore at offshore Gresik in Surabaya
  5. APLNG / QCLNG  42″ Dual Pipepulls in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. (2013)
  6. APD/Salamander (Serica Kambuna Development project) 2009/10

Other projects that OCS personnel were intimately involved in (while employed by major contractors, with experience retained within OCS) are:

  • John Brooks Project for Apache Energy Limited (Australia – 2005) – laying of DN450 55km Gas export line with a 7km beach pull in Varanus Island, with rock bolting as the major stabilization method. Hold back for the Linear pull Winch was a drilled and grouted steel tendons.
  • Camau Gas Pipeline Project (PetroVietnam – 2006) for the installation of a 297km 18’ gas pipeline from offshore (BRB platform to Land Fall Point) covering near shore excavation and pre trenching, beach pull preparatory work (LPW on pull barge).